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US Open, Boris Becker, and A Favorite Dad Memory

Emma Raducano's victory in the US Open yesterday was historic and fantastic to watch.

It was a battle of two teenagers - Raducano is 18 and her excellent opponent who made the match an edge-of-the-seat battle, Leylah Fernandez just turned 19 this week.

Raducano made history by becoming the first qualifier ever to win any major, and did it while incredibly not dropping a single set.

And although this was an epic win by a teenager in a US Open final, it reminded me of the 17 year old unseeded Boris Becker's shocking Wimbledon win back in 1985. I remember Becker for his huge serve and for how he flung himself all over the grass courts in SW19.

Image Via: https://www.dw.com/en/boris-beckers-1985-wimbledon-win-a-bolt-from-the-blue/a-53043200
Boris Becker Wimbledon

My biggest memory from that win is 100% tied to my dad though. He died when he was far too young, and when I was too. He was around for Boris's run through Wimbledon though. He loved playing tennis and following the sport. He had watched Becker play at the warmup tournament at Queen's Club that year and I vividly recall him telling me about how impressive Becker was, AND that this 17 year old was going to shock everyone and win Wimbledon.

So yesterday was a lovely combo of great tennis to watch, and a heck of great dear old dad memory.

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