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Today's Great Dog Meme and My Big Lab Would Agree

Updated: Sep 20

Image Via: imgflip

Here's a classic among classic dog memes. The doggo in the meme drinks because Dave pretends to throw the ball. It's a dick move and a lot of beers are needed to try and get past it.

This one resonates a lot for me because my dearly departed Black Lab absolutely embodied this mindset. His favorite thing in life was chasing after a thrown ball - and he was way faster than you would think seeing his 94 pound frame. He would run until he had spaghetti legs, and I always had to have two balls and make the last throw a fake throw, otherwise he would not drop the ball.

Here's a photo of him chasing a very different sort of ball with less success:

So yeah, not cool Dave, not cool at all.

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