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Pixel 6 Pro - A Year in and All In

Pixel 6 Pro
After just shy of a year using Google's Pixel 6 Pro, I'm just as convinced that it is Google's best phone yet as I was in the first few weeks of usage.

I've been an Android phone user for over 10 years and had some great experiences with flagship phones from Google, Samsung, and OnePlus. The Pixel 6 Pro combines some of the best features from all three vendors, and all-round it's been the best experience I've ever had a with a smartphone.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why I enjoy using the Pixel 6 Pro so much:

Pure Android - Or as near as we have to that. It's fast, feels "clean" and smooth to use, and has no bloatware. This has always been a strong point for Google's own phones.

AI-driven features: "Hold for Me" on calls and call screening with transcription seem like small things, but they take away a lot of phone call related pain. The Recorder app is very good for live voice-to-text transcription during meetings or similar scenarios. Above all, voice typing with Google Assistant is outstanding. I sang its praises in my post on the Pixel 6 line's secret weapon.

Size - The Pixel 6 Pro screen is plenty big enough for those of us who can't do without a large display, but also light and easy to hold, use, and have in a front pocket comfortably.

Battery life - Battery life has been consistently outstanding for me. I use the phone pretty heavily from circa 6am to 8:30pm - for taking notes at work and when studying, phone calls, keeping up with a general news app and RSS feeds, and listening to Audible books and podcasts. Nearly every day by 8:30 the 6 Pro battery percentage shows as above 50% - and often over 60%. Screen time consistently looks like averaging above 6 hours per charge.

Enhanced security with the Tensor chip: I can't even get close to covering this well as Wired did with their "The Pixel 6 Tensor Chip’s Best Upgrade Isn’t Speed. It’s Security" article.

Price - At $899 it is significantly less expensive than other flagship phones.

As with so many things in life, there's no "best smartphone" for everyone. I can only say that for my use cases and personal preferences the Pixel 6 Pro is the best.

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